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Indiana Judo
  Marion PAL Club Judo
Jr. Competitors
Evan Miller Purple Belt  
Tanner Bussard Blue Belt  
Anirah Esparza Blue Belt  
Cody Cox Blue Belt  
Amaya Esparza Green Belt  
Allison Miller Green Belt  
Emilio Liscano Green Belt  
Kiera Reynolds Orange Belt  
Gabriel Love Orange Belt  
Hickson Love Orange Belt  
Colin Reyes Yellow Belt  
Jozlynn Reyes Yellow Belt  
Andrew Miller Yellow Belt  
Cameron Clemons Yellow Belt  
Matthew Clemons Yellow Belt  
Jaidyn Reed Yellow Belt  
Lane Hendey Yellow Belt  
Aiden Thorne Yellow Belt  
Cordell Wells Yellow Belt  
Elias Khalouf Yellow Belt  
Isabel Khalouf Yellow Belt  
Nathan Case Yellow Belt  
Chase Kirkwood Yellow Belt  
Alexis Thorne Yellow Belt  
Carson Hoffman Yellow Belt  
Isaac Weimer Yellow Belt  
Current Instructors
Bruce Bender Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt);  
Gary Amick Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt)  
Robyn Culley Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt)  
Steve Puente Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt)  
Jason Endsley Brown Belt Assistant Instructor  
Gillian Moorman Brown Belt Assistant Instructor  
Sr. Competitors
Carlos Esparza Brown Belt  
Paige Cox Purple Belt  
Rocky Esparza Brown Belt  
Garrett Scher Brown Belt  
Anthony Reynolds Brown Belt  
Madison Endsley Brown Belt  
Adam Hendey Brown Belt Assistant Instructor  
Jason Miller Orange Belt  
Phillip Gleason Orange Belt  
Kyle Booher Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt)  
Gabriel Brown Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt)  
Mark Napier Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt)  
Nathan Miller Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt)  
Katie Landrum Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt)  
Kia Artis Brown Belt  
Michael Culley Brown Belt Assistant Instructor  
Michael G. Smith Brown Belt Assistant Instructor  
Shey Harris Yellow Belt  
Captain John M. Cook Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) Honorary  

Grant County Government, Indiana
Roger A. Bainbridge Grant County Auditor 765-668-6552 ext 114
Angie Jarvis Chief Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 117
April Legare GIS Coordinator, Ineligible Homestead & Tax Sale Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 115
Caitlin Schwartz IHF & Tax Sale Deputy Assistant 765-668-6552 ext 103
Jessica Floyd Payroll & Grants Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 126
Lois Taylor Billing, CE and Abatements Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 105
Stephanie Church Billing Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 106
Sharon Kirkwood Billing Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 107
Stacey Stevens Financial Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 112
Patti Pyle Financial Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 113
Buffy McGinnis Clerk 765-668-6552 ext 104
Mary Goodacre Transfer Deputy 765-668-6552 ext 102

Grant County Government, Indiana
Carolyn Mowery Clerk of the Circuit Court (765) 668-8121
Brenda Russell Chief Deputy (765) 668-8121
Carol Brown First Deputy ( Legal ) (765) 668-8121
Danielle Baldwin First Deputy ( Superior Court 1 ) (765) 668-8121
Joyce Shaffer First Deputy ( Circuit ) (765) 668-8121
Linda Webster First Deputy ( Superior Court 2 & Juvenile ) (765) 668-8121
Debbie Manns First Deputy ( Bookkeeping ) (765) 668-6542
Kim Wilson Second Deputy ( Bookkeeping ) (765) 668-6542
Sheri Rios Second Deputy ( Support ) (765) 668-6542
Heather Jeffries Second Deputy ( Superior Court 3 ) (765) 668-7145
Susan Irey First Deputy ( Superior Court 3 ) (765) 668-7145
Teresa Poe Second Deputy ( Superior Court 3 ) (765) 668-7145
Stephanie Riggs Second Deputy ( Superior Court 2 ) (765) 668-8121
Kathy Foy Election Deputy (765) 668-7458
Sharyn Sherron First Deputy ( Voter's Registration ) (765) 664-9880
Liz Tedder 2nd Deputy (Voter Registration/Elections ) (765) 664-9880
Floyd McGlothin Part Time ( Records ) (765) 668-8121

Grant County Government, Indiana
Nancy Bender Human Resources 765-651-2406
Rex Fisher Maintenance Supervisor 765-668-1442
TC Hull Secretary 765-668-4776

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Drainage Board
Mark Bardsley Chairman 765-668-4776
Gordon Gough Vice Chair 765-948-5603
Richard Cox Member 765-664-8534
Pat Pinkerton Member 765-662-9931
Kenny Cates Member 765-661-8188
Mary Weesner Secretary 765-651-2407

Grant County Government, Indiana
  EMA, Emergency Management Agency
Tom Culley Interim Director 765-651-2410
Ltc. Max Tibbets Commander of Field Operations 765-651-2410

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
John W. Kennedy, MD Health Officer 765-651-2401

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Vital Records
Tara Street Office Manager / Registrar 765-651-2401, ext. 108
Julie Hoch Vital Records Clerk 765-651-2401, ext.107
Lesa Dillon Part-time Vital Records Clerk  

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Food Services
Dale Carr Food Safety Inspection Officer (FSIO) Department Head 765-651-2402 ext 111 fax 765-651-2419
Dean Small Food Safety Inspection Officer (FSIO) 765-651-2401 ext 123, fax 765-651-2419

Grant County Government, Indiana
James D Todd County Surveyor 765-668-8871

Grant County Government, Indiana
Annie Pritchett Assistant Chief Deputy Treasurer 765-668-6556 x119
Fax: 765-651-0692
Delaney Zech First Deputy Treasurer 765-668-6556 x118
Fax: 765-651-0692